It is nothing new to know that we are exposed to damaging our skin. However, it is necessary to follow some recommendations to avoid these damages, or at least to delay them as much as possible.

Aging, as the time goes by, is a natural and biological process. Although there is no miraculous solution to this type of aging, we can remedy the so-called premature aging. This type of aging appears because of bad habits of life, and also by other external factors.

Today we bring you some recommendations to help you reduce this risk:


To provide the skin a good amount of antioxidant compounds to prevent oxidation, it is necessary to have a diet based on quality foods such as fruit, vegetables, dried fruit and legumes. Also foods rich in Omega 3.

Maintaining a balanced diet based on these foods will offer our skin nutrients that will be of great help to keep the skin and hair in perfect health conditions.




While we sleep, the body secretes several substances that help cell regeneration. These substances keep the skin younger.

To get proper recovery and to prevent premature aging, you need to sleep 7 hours or more, without interruptions.


The sun brings many physical benefits but UV rays are the main cause of premature aging. The ultraviolet light causes many skin infections which damage the collagen fibers. The defense mechanism of the skin tries to compensate for the effects with a formation of fibers that generate wrinkles and depressions of the skin.

It is important, whenever we expose our skin to the sun, to protect it with sun protection products and wear hats, caps, hats and sunglasses.


It is proven that people who tend to smoke age faster compared to those who do not.

Toxics of cigarettes are absorbed through various purifying organs that affect the body cells. Therefore, the result is a sicker body and wrinkled skin apart from other conditions that affect the quality of the skin.


To try to avoid or delay premature aging, some beauty treatments are regularly recommended.

To reduce and prevent wrinkles and blemishes, external products such as creams that nourish and hydrate the skin and estimate cell repair can be helped

As the saying goes; “Prevention is better than cure”, so nothing better than starting to take care of your skin to avoid a possible premature aging!

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