The desire to wear perfect, well-groomed and durable nails is growing for all people who want to go to the latest fashion. That’s why today we want to talk to you about gel nails. But what are gel nails?

This beauty resource has been climbing positions in recent times to become one of the most used by women around the world and celebrities. Gel nails are prostheses for nails created from an acrylic gel molded on the natural nail. It is composed of several layers of base, enamel and fixative that, by drying under an ultraviolet lamp, allows to create innovative, inspiring and resistant designs.

One of the advantages of this type of nails, is that they can be easily adapted since they can be filed or cut to the desired extent when placed. In addition to adapting to each person, they also stand out for being much cheaper than porcelain nails and, at the same time, more natural.

If you want to wear your designs impeccably and give them the care they deserve, you can apply them daily, cuticle oil and moisturizer. For proper care and maintenance, touch-ups will be necessary every 2-3 weeks since gel nails can last up to two months.

black gel nails

What should I do to get gel nails?

First of all, to start with gel nails we must prepare our natural nails. When we go to the professional, he will file and cut our nails giving them a rounded shape before cleaning them thoroughly with neutral soap. In addition, you will remove the cuticles from your nails by applying a special oil.

Once this process is finished, you can proceed to the placement of the gel nails. In the case that it is a simple design, the prosthesis will be placed directly and your hands will be placed under an ultraviolet lamp to get them to harden.


The time to take them off has come, what do I do?

Once you think you want to change design or that gel nails need renewal, it is important that you do not try to take them off at home. The main drawback of this type of nails is to remove the nails. This process involves removing the gel using acetone, which can dry and damage your skin. That is why we recommend going to your beauty center to avoid any risk and possible damage. No one better than a professional to get gel nails removed without damaging your natural nails.

In case it is the first time you use gel nails, we explain what are the steps to remove them safely:


Colourful gel nails

1. Let’s go for the file

In this step, in the salon you will file your nails to give a little texture to the surface of the nail and thus make the acetone more effective

2. Cottons

Once you have your fingernails, some cottons soaked with acetone will be applied so that they do not damage your cuticles.

3. Can’t thouch this!

It is the moment in which they are going to wrap their fingers with aluminum foil so that the cottons with acetone that have been placed before don’t move. It will be a few minutes in which you will not be able to touch anything!

4. Start again!

After a few minutes of waiting … Tada! Now you can enjoy your natural, healthy and ready nails for a new gel nail design!

Now you know everything about gel nails, so if you have not already done so, enter a beauty salon and design your own gel nails!

We hope our blog has helped you! See you in the next one!

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